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Writer, educator, lecturer, consultant, commentator and public official, Ellis’ career has been dedicated to helping others maintain good health. But, perhaps he is best known as a down-to-earth practitioner who encourages everyone to, “Live the best life possible!”

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Information is the Best Medicine is a newly released book that helps readers better understand their bodies, health and the healthcare industry. Ellis touches on hot button issues with chapters like “The truth about Carbs” and “To Vaccinate or Not.”

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View the photo gallery and video snippets of Glenn Ellis engaging the audience with health and wellness advice at conference events around the world.


[testimonial]Intelligent. Clear. Factual.
An arbitrator of the values of holistic medicine. Glenn Ellis has very good and solid communication skills that are very helpful in getting the message of good health out ..[client_name]Dr. Edward Cooper, Past President American Heart Association[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Glenn Ellis is a fearless advocate for the 99%! His depth of knowledge and crystal clear analysis make him an informative radio guest every time. His willingness to take controversial positions if he believes they are correct, along with his incredibly articulate presentation make for compelling and engaging dialogue. If we had more like him we would be a healthier and more conscious nation. [client_name]Dominique DiPrima, Broadcaster/Producer/Talk Radio Host[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Glenn Ellis is a true asset to the health care community in Philadelphia. He serves on various institutional ethics committees and institutional review boards in Philadelphia area hospitals. His concern for autonomy, especially informed consent, and justice makes him a true advocate for patients. His breath and depth of knowledge makes him a very effective health care advocate.[client_name]Peter A. Clark, S.J., Ph.D. Professor -Theology & Health Administration, Director Institute of Catholic Bioethics – St. Joseph’s University[/client_name][/testimonial]

A great source of credible, current information impacting your health