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Information is the
Best Medicine.
Strategies for Well-Being is a global consultancy that specializes in health education, equity, disparities, advocacy, policy and communication.
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Meet Glenn Ellis

Glenn Ellis is a Health and Wellness Educator and Writer.

The president of Strategies for Well-Being, LLC and a medical ethicist, researcher, lecturer. his work centers around Health Equity and Ethics in Medicine.
What We Do

Training, Consulting, Workshops, Health Policy Advisement

Glenn’s Strategies for Well-Being delivers information on how individuals can maximize healthy and productive lives through the proper understanding of sound medical advice, diet, and the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors.
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Information is the Best Medicine

Glenn Ellis brings to you the most effective “prescription” you will ever receive.

This book provides insight and understanding into many areas of health and healthcare, which most will find touches their own lives, either directly or indirectly. The benefits of this knowledge includes improved communication with your doctors, greater adherence to treatment, greater ability to engage in self-care, improved health status, and healthier lifestyle and diet choices for you and your family.

Information is the Best Medicine Podcast

"Information is the Best Medicine" is a weekly podcast hosted by Glenn Ellis. While Glenn is not a doctor, his expertise and insights make him sound like one. This program is dedicated to providing you with essential knowledge to promote good health decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Join Glenn Ellis on this journey to better health and well-being.

Health and Wellness Insights Blog

by Glenn Eliss
Our blog covers various health-related topics, aiming to inform and educate readers on various medical and healthcare issues. We provide essential wellness information with the latest in societal and political developments. Subscribe to our articles to stay informed and empowered regarding your health!

What Industry Professionals Say

Glenn represents the conscience of our community and in particular his advocacy for the right to excellent health care to members of our community.  His knowledge of medicine, health care policy and the highest ethical values has truly made a difference in guiding health care organizations and hospitals to advocate for the most vulnerable. 

— Dr. Jose Missri,
Chair of the Department of Medicine, Chair of Graduate Medical Education, Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Glenn is a man of high integrity who is essential to our scientific review board.  He understands the complexities of sociopolitical and economic forces on health and medical care. 

— Dr. Esther K. Chung,
Professor of Pediatrics; Chair, Institutional Review Board Committee, Thomas Jefferson University

In these turbulent times, there is an enormous need for a sensible, factual and entertaining voice for health. Glenn Ellis is that voice.

— Dr. Arthur Caplan,
Bioethicist and Director Division of Medical Ethics at New York University