What We Do

Strategies for Well-Being provides medical professionals and laypeople with critical information and insights to address the problems of poor health and the inefficient allocation of resources in the healthcare system. Bridging the knowledge gap for laypeople and patients through health education on lifestyle and diet enables medical professionals to surmount the obstacles preventing patient compliance. Through medical ethics and medical history, Strategies for Well-Being offers solutions to complex challenges to public health.


Strategies for Well-Being ‘s core responsibility is to provide high-quality, timely, and efficient information, equipping medical professionals and the public with the knowledge to address optimal health and wellness. Being more informed as an organization, an individual, or a family will only lead to a better and healthier population and a more productive society.

Community Health Workshops

Through workshops and seminars in community settings, practical information on medical history, medical ethics, and health education is delivered to enable families and individuals to make better choices about diet and lifestyle and increase health literacy on chronic conditions and infectious diseases.
Strategies for Well-Being delivers training that improves doctor-patient relationships, improves compliance, and promotes healthier lifestyle behaviors for the public.

Glenn Ellis Consulting

Medical Ethics Consulting

Strategies for Well-Being offers Ethics Consultations to institutions, researchers, medical professionals, and patients/families to provide bioethics expertise and help decide or plan care, avoid emotional triggers, and keep the patient’s best interest in mind.
The most common factors that trigger requests for ethics consultation are wanting to help resolve a conflict and wanting assistance in interactions with a difficult doctor, medical care team, family, patient, or surrogate.

Glenn Ellis Policy Advisement

Health Policy Advisement

In an evolving medical industry and public health landscape, health policy must be consistently informed on historical, social, economic, and behavioral factors that ultimately determine success or failure in health policy introduction, acceptance, and success. Through issue research, historical context, and best practices, Strategies for Well-Being works in an advisory capacity with clients to craft health policy, informed consent, and research enrollment protocols.

Glenn Ellis Radio Show Host and weekly podcast

Glenn Ellis is a media professional who has been communicating health messages and education for several decades in electronic and print media through Strategies for Well-Being; they recently hosted a weekly radio program called “Information is the Best Medicine,” broadcasting over 500 programs.

The shortcomings and missteps witnessed during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic affirmed Ellis’ decision to resume the radio program as a Podcast. The podcast “Information is the Best Medicine” covers health-related topics such as Dementia, Heart Disease, Vaccines, End-of-life, and many other pressing topics that impact us all. Consistent with all his work in the media, audiences for the podcast are equally divided between laypeople and health professionals. Each episode is brief but filled with empowering information about your health.