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Habari gani?
I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya, on what is my first trip to the continent. I can never put into words the feelings I experienced as I arrived at Jomo Kenyatta Airport, almost 500 years after my last direct ancestor left Africa, only to enslaved.
With the recent attention being given to the Horn of Africa, surrounding the refugee camps on the border of Kenya and Somalia, I will be focusing part of my time and my work on looking at health and medical issues involving access, equity and education on health East Africa.
I have already been welcomed and embraced by many wonderful Kenyans and Ex-Patriates.
Look for updates looking at the work being done by the Kenyan government; NGO’s such as UNICEF and Medicine San Frontiers (Doctors Without Walls); and other African nations to address the Humanitarian crisis in the Refugee camps. I will also share insight into the Healthcare System of kenya and how its’ citizens receive care in a variety of urban and rural setting, while respecting culture and tradition.

Asante sana,